Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cutie Pie Bottlecap Earrings Giveaway

Look at these adorable earrings! Who wants to win these? ME, Me, me!!

A little about our sponsor:

Hi my name is Regina. I am a 50 year old who comes from Illinois. I live in Illinois with my daughter and 3 wonderful grandsons. I have been crafting since i was 18 years old. I got into craftig when I was in school and it has stuck with me ever since. Over the years I have tried many crafts from crochet,loom knitting,candlemaking to jewlery making. Finally after several years of tring different crafts I have settled on making bottlecap items. I just love how my creations come out after I finish making them. Bottlecaps are very neat cause there is so much you can make with them. Like Necklaces,earrings,rings,bracelets and the list goes on. Once I started making them I just couldn't stop. My online lady friends told me I shoud start an etsy shop with my cool creations. So I went online and opened an etsy shop and since my most favorite thing to make are my bottlecap earrings. I decided to name my shop The Bottlecap Earring Shop. My shop is still a work in progress. I am still working on pictures and adding lots of my cool creations. Besides selling single items I also accept wholesale orders. also If there is something you would like and I can do it I will also accept custom orders. So stop by my shop and check out all the neat bottlecap items I have for sale.

Oh and If you have any questions feel free to send me a convo. I love to chat and answer questions.

I am sending a picture of me and my best friend who do craft shows together. I am the one in the gray jacket with the dark hair. I am really camera shy so I don't have any single pictures of me LOL

Miss Regina has been so gracious and is sharing these perfect "Cutie Pie" earrings with one of you. AND, for everyone else, you can save on every purchase in her shop through the end of this swap, February 5. Use the Coupon Code of BOTTLECAP for 20% off purchase through 2/5

be sure to leave your name in the comment since I can't always correlate your blogger name to your real name

Mandatory Entry: Visit the Bottlecap Earring Shop, browse around, then come back here and comment on your favorite item in the store - she's got so much, tell her everything you adore!!

Bonus Entries:
Email your Tracking Number to me and then comment below; that means you're mailing before the final deadline, woo hoo!!
Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway and link to this post and/or Regina's site. Tweet with the #FAS tag, Facebook with the @Flirty Apron Swappers tag
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DEADLINE TO ENTER: 12 Noon on Wednesday, February 2


  1. I liked the cupcake earrings! They are so cute! There is a nice selection for valentine's gifts.

  2. Hey, I like the cupcake earrings too! I was thinking that maybe Amy of DYKTMP would love a pair of these!!! Wouldn't you Amy!!!

  3. I love the Shamrock earrings!

    Barb Boyack

  4. I posted the giveaway on Facebook at Boyack

  5. i adore the zipper pulls----i have been trying to figure out how to attach one to my scrapbooking scissors--any thoughts?? the little turtle is totally sweet!

  6. Hey Debie how big around are your scrapbooking scissors Were you want to add the charm to. I may be able to do it for you.

  7. Well...begin from St. Louis, and a huge Cardinals fan...I was not thrilled about the Cubs bracelet...LOL! Just kidding!!

    Such cute stuff! I really like the "LOVE" valentines earrings.

  8. I really like the Hello Kitty Valentine's earings...they would be so whimsical to wear!

  9. I think the Frogs Bottlecap Bracelet is so cute!

  10. Okay, my favorites are the cupcakes earrings (I just bought them, as a matter of fact!), the Love Bug earrings, and the I LOVE Etsy zipper pull! I also love the bobby pins! Love what you are making! Keep it up!
    -Stacie S.

  11. Regina--they are small snips,the base of the blades & the handles are about 1/4"--

  12. Debbie I maybe able to attach it to the whole of your scissors were you hold them to cut. I have 2 ideas of how to do this LOL

  13. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.


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