Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Valentine ready to mail!

I found this vintage print and new it was exactly what I needed! I also used a real vintage pattern my mother-in-law found in her mothers stash! I hope my partner loves the simpleness of the apron, I really just wanted to showcase the cute vintage valentines, and I think it turned out way better than I hoped! (Thanks Jannae for modeling.) By the way... anyone else have kids that love aprons? Jannae (she's 8) has been dying to do an apron swap with someone her age..ish. We've made lots together, but that doesn't get the excitement of getting a package in the mail. If there is anyone out there in the same boat, lets talk!


  1. Jannae is so cute in that apron, wish I had a granddaughter that would be able to swap with her!!

  2. Now that is the kind of Valentines I remember getting at school! All my kids are gone--hope you find your daughter a partner. sewing is fast becoming a thing of the past, keep looking!

  3. Darling! Both your Granddaughter & the apron...My daughter is 15 & too busy to sew with mom:(

  4. I really Like thae vintage fabric and the apron. Great job to Jannae for modeling it so beautifully. :)

    My daughter is 5 and loves aprons too. She has just started the whole thing..."Did I get anything in the mail Mommy?"

    Maybe we can do an apron swap together for them.


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