Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aloha! It's Here!

A Ginormous Thank You to Donna aka 'tealovinglady'...
I hit the P.O. after swim class with my grandbabies today & was delighted to find a "you've gotta package'' note in my P.O. Box..... Oh could it be? YES! my Apron! wahoooo!

I was so excited when I got home,,,to take pics but no one was around to take a photo of me wearing my apron so I had to give the honors to "Lucy" my 'double'!
I am going to head right over to my blog next & post lots of pics of all the goodies that Donna tucked in for me....
Donna,,,Thank you so very much! I Luv It!
Aloha & Happy Day! (sneak over to my blog to see more pics) :>)

(p.s....Donna, I can not read the spelling of your street name...can you email it to me? Thanx)


  1. Very pretty, heading over to you Blog!

  2. it's

    or you can click on my name in the column (w/all the other swappers names...) and then in my profile it should show my katmom-blogspot to which you can click on to take you there.

    this has been a fun swap... I am still grining!


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