Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Secrete Swap partners package is in the Mail!

OK, it's in the mail & on it's way! Yipee KiYay!
I decided to get a 'signature' confirmation after the last (swap) fiasco! I am still dealing with the P.O. on the missing package with out any luck.... It was delivered but unfortunatley not to my swap partner.....and the person who received it was not honest enough to return it.

I love this Aloha theme! Thanx Shawnee for being a wonderful 'swap mama'.


  1. the mumuuuuuu!!!

  2. Sew cute! Fun looking package.

  3. Great package!! Is everyones in the mail?!!!

    I didn't post any pics of mine because Shawnee was my receiver this time round! I had to keep it a surprise for her. I am sure she will post pictures when she gets some time. Take a break and enjoy the summer Shawnee!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  4. Very nice
    I'm in the mail as well
    Hope my partner likes her apron

  5. Mine will be in the mail today or tomorrow for sure!


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