Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going out in today's mail........

I will not be showing any tuckin's because I am quite sure my partner knows wHOOOO she is and I want her to be a little surprised!! But only a little!!

This is what you get when you cross the Brady Bunch in Hawaii with a peace loving surfer from Santa Cruz fighting to save the spotted owl.  LOL

wHooooooo's your Tiki?

Unlike many a Tiki idol curse, this apron is reversible!!
I hope my swappee likes it!!


  1. I love it too. And I love owls. I hope that it's coming to me!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely love the owl theme,how cool!

  3. Very cute! Great fabrics! I love reversible aprons!

  4. Great fabric
    I love reversible aprons, I've made a few myself.
    Your partner will love it

  5. Yes, very cool and reversible is great. I know your partner will be really happy with it.

  6. the owls!!! I'm sure your secret swap partner will love it!

  7. I love the owls too!! Hoot! Hoot!!!!! Wonderful apron


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