Sunday, July 17, 2011

A little peek...

Here's a peek at the fabrics that I chose for my partner's apron:

They are her favourite colours, so I hope she really likes the apron!  I have finished everything & just need to tuck everything into the mail, which is a great relief, since my first baby is due ANY day now!  A little part of me wondered if I should sit this swap out, but it was too hard to resist the Aloha theme & it turned out to be really nice to have something to sew that would be going to one of you lovely ladies.  Visit My Tiny Universe to see a pic of the finished apron!


  1. pink yellow & green.. what fabulos & fun colors!
    & congrats on the soon to be baby...

  2. Very nice apron. Love the colors! You're brave for being in the swap so close to your due date. Congrats on the soon to be addition to your family. Enjoy every moment!

  3. You made a beautiful apron! I will have to go and look up Karen's tutorial as you did an amazing job!

    Congratulations on your upcoming birth! Motherhood is GREAT!

  4. Nice job Danielle!! Fabulous looking apron!! Do you know if your baby is a boy or girl?? Post pictures of this new baby just as soon as you are able!!!

  5. Great color selection.
    The apron looks really nice, I'm sure she'll love it.


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