Friday, July 15, 2011

The Elusive Fabric

(Maybe also Illusive) Still on the hunt for a fabric that jumps out at me for this swap. I found a couple at one store but still unsure. What I did find though is is some mesh fabric for this beach bag. All they had was black, but I have something bright that I think will work well for this. Can't wait to try it.

This morning I put together a paper pieced, upcycled  gift bag for my tuckins. The directions can be found here. My experience with these is that wall paper works better than scrapbook paper, but what do ya think ? Bear with me, I think my camera is dying a slow death. I'm not the greatest photographer, but this is ridiculous and I know it's the camera.

Lots of cute pictures of finished aprons and sneak peeks. Hope to have mine up soon.


  1. I luv the idea of using wall paper...and so durable....
    Kool idea.


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