Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm late ~

I am so sorry, partner, but your apron won't be leaving GA until tomorrow.  I had so many problems getting started on this project.  First, I had a really hard time finding Hawaiian fabric.  Second, I chose a dud smock pattern (it would have been great for a beanpole).  I didn't discover it wouldn't fit until I had already cut it out and sewn some.  I finally found a halter top apron that would look great with my material last night and worked today to get it done. 

Now - onto my wonderful apron package that arrived yesterday.  I got the cutest apron from Kerry, who btw has the neatest handwriting.  Notice the matching headband!

She also sent some popsicle makers with a recipes for our own homemade treats.  There are more recipes on the back of each laminated card, too. 

In the mesh bag, with matching fabric at the top, were some summertime toys for all of my kids.  She also sent spreaders - at first I thought it was two boxes of spreaders, but upon further inspection, I saw that the second box was table cloth weights!  How cute is that??

I am a very happy girl and thank you so much, Kerry, for spoiling me so!

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  1. Gorgeous apron and some pretty nice goodies there!


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