Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crystal's Loot

Howdy from McKinney Texas!

Now that Crystal has received her package, I can tell you a little more about it. 

I did two words because I had more stuff I wanted to send and needed more letters.  My two words were SANTA and HOPE. I did alot of green items because that is Crystal's favorite color plus I kinda tend to be green (as in environmentally conscious).

Here's what I sent:

S is for Sprinkles (foil kind)
A is for Apron (made it reversible so she can use year round)
N is for Notecards (green & white polkadot)
T is for the tin full of teas (red raspberry & mint green)
A is for awesome green smelling candle

H is for HUGE clothespin
O is for the o shaped wreath ornament
P is for Personalized Zipper Pouch with name embroidered
E is for envelope assortment 6 of 11 different colors and sizes because she makes cards

Something to read-- Simple Abundance - a Daybook of Comfort & Joy... read a couple pages a day for the next year 2013 and also a book of Green projects to do with kids...

I forgot to take pictures of everything together before I sent it but I do have pictures of the handmade items....

Here is the zipper pouch. 

 I used green fabric on the outside and Christmas on the inside, hopefully when she looks inside she will remember this Christmas Swap...

Here is the apron, I had never made one before.  I made it reversible so she could use it year round.  Aprons are hard to photograph when you don't have a model but you get the idea of what it looked like here...

I really enjoyed making and collecting everything.  I am so glad Crystal liked it. I look forward to swapping again!

~~~Martha from McKinney, Texas


  1. Martha this package is so cute!! Crystal is going to love it!!

  2. What a beautiful package and the greens just really make it seem all crisp and Christmasy! Love the embroidery!

  3. so wonderful that it makes me want to host another apron swap! Crystal is going to love love love it!


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