Friday, December 7, 2012

My Beautiful Swap Package Came From Heidi

My beautiful swap package arrived at my house yesterday!  What fun I had opening all my lovely gifts.  I of course was so excited that I didn't take any pictures of my beautiful box of goodies before I tore into it.  I was so excited that I basically tore the box apart to get to all my wonderful gifts!

My swap partner, Heidi Rourke, took the time to find out a little about me and my likes.  She did a wonderful job on everything!  I couldn't have asked for anything different as it was all so nice.  She knew my favorite color is purple and I like ruffles so she made me a beautiful multi-ruffled apron of all different shades of purple prints.  She asked Shawnee to find out if I liked half or full aprons and I love full bib aprons so that is what she made me.

My gift was titled "Merry Quiltmas" as I am an advid quilter.  There was a beautiful purple striped mug included in the package.  She also picked out 2 different boxes of tea for me as I love all and everything about tea.  One was a yummy Meyer Lemon and the other was a delicious Blueberry tea.  There was also some Starbucks coffee.  She included a quilting magazine for me also.  Of course I sat down with my new cup and had a cuppa tea and leisurely read the quilt magazine.  Of course there was multiple patterns of quilts that I wouldn't mind making someday soon.  There was a delicious chocolate/caramel candybar too that I enjoyed.  She also crocheted me a couple of dish cloths in a beautiful purple color.  Then she paper pieced a really cool ornament for me.  She did it all in pink and whites and it is a teacup!  I go by the name Tealovinglady and she knew that I really really LOVE tea!

Great job Heidi!  I love everything you included in my package.  As soon as I can find my cord I will upload some pictures to this post so that everyone can see the wonderful things you sent me.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and some very Happy Holidays!


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