Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm so sorry...

Dear Secret Swapper,

I am so sorry!  Your package is going to be late.  I had it all together, sewed, shopped, wrapped and addressed.  The box was in the back seat of my car and we were on our way to the post office.  I ran into the store with my grandson to get a pack of gum and a candy bar and I guess we were in such a hurry that although I pushed the automatic door locks the back door didn't shut all the way.  You guessed it ... package gone..........I hope whoever took it really needed an holiday apron and all the trimmings.

I will try to get another apron made and goodies together for you as soon as I possibly can.  Hopefully it will be in the mail either Tuesday afternoon or first thing Wednesday morning as I have to go to the fabric store in the morning to see if I can find the same fabric or something that I like just as well.  If I didn't have two doctor appointments tomorrow I could get it done before then.

I'm so sorry but I promise it will be worth it!


  1. This is a very sad story, and it seems to happen all too often this time of year!

    Don't let this action kill your Christmas Spirit!!


  2. So sad this time of year they are really watching. Hope you at least made a police report as most stores do have video cameras and maybe it caught the crook!


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