Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Angel Just Patience Needed Here

Oh my, I feel so badly right now as our house has been hit with a week of unbelieveable events that even I in my darkest hours couldn't predict...

#1- We discovered mold in our girls closet and their wood floor in there is soaked and getting worse and no one can find out why.
#2- In looking for the cause of the mold and dampness, a contractor friend discovered our attic is damp, moldy and the sheeting is soaked through....4 year old roof needs replacing and insurance said to bad, so sad and contractor says we will give you vents but not taking care of mold.  :(
#3- I went to check my bank account on Friday and discovered my bank card had not only been hacked but it appears the perps actually forged a card and used it once in California and once in my card is cancelled, police reports have been made, fraud forms filled out and I am left without my credit card...
#4- My granddaughter came down with a fever last night of 103
#5- My grandson went on my computer and without permission decided to download a game and gave me a virus.....

So my dear swap partner, I have your package all neatly set aside with its luscious goodies, wonderful book, apron, etc.  I just cannot mail it out at this time, however Shawnee knows I have NEVER skipped  out on a swap and won't on this one....

The way things are going, you might wind up with a real Christmas gift....

You know how it goes, it can't get any?????????????????....I am not going there because I am trusting this was a freak week and next week it is going to be much better!  Now you see why I wished my dog had eaten the chocolates!


  1. aw, I hate that run of bad is hoping THIS week is much much better!

  2. Oh no ..... this week can only be better !!!


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