Monday, December 10, 2012

So, my day was kind of HoHum as Mondays usually are and it wound up with faxing a ton of information out on a legal matter and filing a police report for my hacked credit card which I had already done over the phone, but had to go in an hand write a report.

When we got home I had a package waiting for me that I didn't recognize the name on...
My first thought was it was a quilt someone was looking to have finished for charity, then when I opened it, look at all the little packages that were discovered inside

There were wonderful old fashioned hard candies, Biscotti from Starbucks, a matching cup and saucer (will be perfect for my tea at my desk or sewing center, an adorable ornament, Kahlua flavored coffee, a pattern for really neat bags, a triple cookie cutter, the most adorable and decorated apron and an adorable Santa spatula for my kitchen!
All of this from Donna Payne in Vacaville, CA.  Oh thank you, thank you, Merci, was wonderful and thank you to Shawnee for picking me a great swap partner!


  1. Such a lovely package - Enjoy it :-)

  2. Oh my...I just realized my original package was the one someone stole out a car. Oh Donna, you had to put together 2 packages...this one is amazing!

  3. Fabulous package!! I just love the apron and all the little goodies included!


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