Thursday, December 6, 2012

I was so excited when I walked into my office to find a package, I knew exactly what it was.  My Secret Santa Package had finally arrived.  When I opened it this is what I found.  NOTE: when I say "we" i am talking about Cynthia, she is our office secretary she has as much fun watching me put together my package and seeing me receive my package.

There was a card laying on top, but I decided to read it last (well that was a mistake because the directions was inside and we, Cynthia & I,  just had to figure it out) .  We started pulling each individual package out and noticed they were all attached.  Each package also had a letter(thankful there was a small # on each too).

This is what it looked like when we pulled it out and put it together.  My letter was SNOWFALL.
so after unwrapping each item and placing them back in order this is what we had.
S - Scissors; N - rubber gloves with the letter M because N follows M; O - ornament (that will look so good on my tree); W- a crochet tea towel that's used when washing & drying dishes; F - Christmas fabric; A-Apron; L - Christmas socks to help keep legs warm; L - Hot Chocolate to warm your lips on a cold day;

Ok - i'm not sure if this is exactly what my swap partner had intended each letter to be but that's just what we came up with.

This is me wearing the cute snowman apron that my partner made.
oh i'm going to enjoy this one.  
Thank you Jeanie for the thoughtful package you put together.  I will remember you every year when I wear my apron or put my snowflake ornaments on my Christmas tree.
oh yes, Cynthia is already looking forward to next years swap!


  1. Hi Lisa! I'm so happy your package got to you AND CYNTHIA!!! Ha ha ha! You look great in the apron! Here is what I had thought of for the letters: S: Scissors, N: New gloves, O: Ornaments, W: White topped towel, F: Fat Quarters, A: Apron, of course, L: Leg warmers for socks, and L: Luscious Hot Chocolate! I tried to pick unbreakable items so you wouldn't have anything broken and therefore no disappointments. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family and friends. Sincerely, your Swap Sister this year, Jeanie Pettifer

    1. Thanks Jeanie I LOVED the package & Cynthia did too. I've tried to get her to swap but she said she wasn't that creative, she'll just enjoy me doing it.

  2. My Dear Swap Sister,
    If my package is one that will be late, please don't fret! I am fine with it! I just wanted you to know that and not to worry, panic, drive too fast, etc.! Slow down and enjoy the season!

    1. I'm not sure who your swap partner was, can't wait for pictures when you receive it


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