Thursday, February 4, 2010

Almost done!

I finished my apron! Yay! I had worked on this apron this fall to sell at my craft bazaar. I followed the pattern EXACTLY and when it was 'finished' I tried it on and the neck strap which was one big piece of bias tape which was also the waist straps was WAY TOO LONG on the neck. It was made for someone who would be 7 feet tall at least! I was so mad and frustrated, I put it away and just couldn't work on it. Then when this swap came up and I got my partner info, I decided it would work out perfectly. So I cut the ridiculously long neck strap and fixed it by adding buttons and the fabric flower.
I'm going to make a matching fabric flower for the martini glass as well. This weekend, I get to sew all weekend with my quilt group at our local school and I will make up my martini flower then!


  1. I love the polka dots and the ruffle! So cute! Great job.


  2. GREAT save. I adore the polka dots!!

  3. Very sweet! Dots and ruffles ~ perky every time!


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