Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Martini madness has arrived!


It's sooooooo cute! How did you know that purple was my fav colour!

The parcel was filled with matching goodies...Handmade coasters, material stash (yum yum) and cocktail goodies! Lovin' the magnet, napkins and coaster.. right up my alley ;)
Finally, the glass... I am mesmerised by the colours!! Of cause, matching green and purple :D

Thank you so very much .. you should be very proud of your work, you have made me very happy


  1. unfortunately the second glass didnt make it :(


  2. cute apron and a lot of goodies.

  3. What a great pose. You should be an apron model :) Cute apron.

  4. hahahha T.D, i was just thinking ohhh Jo, what a dodgey pose ... a model you aint ...

  5. Oh no, sorry about the second glass! I thought I used enough bubble wrap! (I also didn't get a chance to post the photos I took, I went into pre-term labor right after dropping this off at the post office last week! He's still in there, but officially no sewing for me - or sitting up - for the next 10 weeks or until our little one arrives!) It was so much fun to check out your blog and try to figure out what types of things you would like. Enjoy!

  6. ooohh wow Alissa thats pretty exciting!!! lol Sending a million good luck wishes that the time passes fast and bub is A1 xoxoxox


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