Monday, February 8, 2010

Party Shoes? Party Apron!!

My partner made this really easy because she likes so many different things. She likes parties, giving and going. To help out, I made her a satin '50s hostess apron, complete with pocket fluff and tulle edging. Nothing says party like tulle, right? Her package includes a hostess glass trimmed in green, a pack of invitations and guest glasses, and the all important condiment tray. She can put traditional drink garnishes in it, or anything else she might desire. Since she's a bargain hunter she'll love the fact that the tray is vintage Good Will, and underwent a complete personality change when I gave it a coat of Old English scratch cover.

I hope to get to the post office tomorrow; but since we had 36 inches of snow as part of the weekend storm that hit Washington, DC; and the prediction for tomorrow's storm has been revised to drop another 10-20 inches, my partner may have to delay her valentine martini party-or maybe she'll have two.


  1. Wonderful gift package for some lucky lady. Love the fluff!

    Be careful out there in the snow!

  2. I love the apron. I'm thinking the same thing about the snow and getting to the post office.

  3. I skipped this swap because I thought I should take a "break"--but I've been so wistful looking at all of your aprons! I'm in next time for sure!

  4. Ohh lala .. I love it!! So gal is going to look sasy in this..


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