Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pink Ladies and Stilettos!

This fun package from Becca arrived on Saturday ~ A beautiful Apron made of outstanding black and white prints ~ reversible ~ and check out the Pink Dress Form Glitter Fabric on the ties, waistband and side panels! The "Stiletto" martini glass is from the "Lolita" collection and it came inside a beautiful box that shows others in the collection! There's even a recipe on the bottom of the glass so it's double the fun! Other goodies included some pretty blue cocktail napkins, a non-martini Cosmo recipe and a very pretty black/white towel to go with the apron. I think I'll shake up a Cosmo, slip into my sweet apron and some stilettos and strut over to my husband's home office 8-)

This has been a fun swap! Now on to the next!

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