Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look What I got!

Look what I got from my swap partner Purple and Green, truly are my 2 favorite colors! I have my sweet apron hanging in my kitchen right now....Thank You so very much Tulsie.

Oh and my hubby dearest, who was hoovering over my shoulders to see what was in the box...spotted the being the wonderful & loving wife that I am, after all Valentines Day is just around the corner,,,, I shared them with him.

I luv the sweet martini glasses too! I can hardly wait to put them to good use.

Thank you again so very much from hubby & me.


  1. Oh fun! I can't wait til I get my box!! That was sweet of her to send cookies too!

  2. I love the cotton apron with a satin sash, useful and pretty and a set of martini glasses to boot . . . and is that a kitty tail ready to stir the tinies?

  3. hahaha! good ob's Club Kat....yep my sweet little Peekaboo wanted to see what all the fuss was a bout!
    She manages to get into a lot of pic's in my blog.
    And now, off to make myself a Dry Martini w/2 olives....yes, I do like them as well as the fruity ones.

  4. YUM! Lucky you, being the first to get her box!!


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