Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I dont know if you can see the awesome embroidery work on this but it is a WONDERFUL martini glass with garnish! It is the perfect martini apron! Anyone that reads my blog knows i love martini parties and am actually getting ready to plan another one! Do you notice that the apron is reversable! Hot polka dots on the back side! I dont know which side I like best. The package also included a beaded glass snake that says bottoms up.How cute is that! The adorable glass you see pictured, a TON of martini card recipies(wh and I have been going over them every night Ü),a star ice cube tray,the cutest coaster ( it says if you can read this you need another drink Ü),Paper umbrellas (who doesnt love paper umbrellas!) and I am DIGGIN the card!
Thank you SO MUCH Jo! You nailed it better then I could of dreamed!!!( My oldest was running out the door so picture is blurry)


  1. really cute apron and you look so cute in it with glass in hand ready for your next martini party!!

  2. :D

    i am SO glad you liked it!!!

    It was a lot of fun making.. my first try at embroidery too lol

    ready for next swap Shawnee.... ;)

  3. Your cat wants in on the action. What is her name?

  4. Hahaha Thats actually my daughters rat dog. A pomeranian named Amida. She hates to let a camera opportunity pass. Unfortunately thats usually the view we always get.Lol


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