Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Christmas Time...

I did it. A day late (please forgive me. Husband out of town and a house full of sickies) but it is safely in the mail. The word that I chose was: Christmas This swap was a lot of fun.

C --- Coasters
H --- Hot Cocoas
R --- Reindeer Pennant
I --- Ickiness Remover (as my kids call it or hand sanitizer for the rest of us)
S --- Snowmen Ornaments
T --- Trivets
M --- Miscellaneous Munchies
A --- A bunch of Cinnamon Sticks
S --- Surprise Pop Can Gifts
I truly hope that my partner enjoys her box of goodies. I was able to incorporate a few different crafts I found on Pinterest, my new found love. It looked a little something like this. 

There are some more things inside and I apologize for the rough looking IPhone photos.  Hopefully my partner will post more. 


  1. Well someone's surely lucky to get all these sweet pressies!


  2. Fantastic Package! Lots of Fun goodies!!

  3. Those snowmen are so did a nice job!!

  4. wow! there are some awfully adorable things in that package!

  5. What a fun package! I love your glittery snowmen!


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