Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Secret Santa Package Came Today!

My doorbell rang today and my mailman handed me a box.  I knew just what it was!  This is what I got when I opened the box!  Amanda sent me a great package.

Each gift was wrapped separately and I got to open one at a time.  My partner chose the word Christmas

C-chocolate covered mints
h-homemade fudge (which I immediately dug right into)
r-raspberry cream sticks
i-itty bitty ribbon spools
s-snowman bunting
t-tea (mint green)
a-apron pattern
s-snowman ornament

and she added a little mini-scrapbook tuck in that it adorable!

I love everything that she sent!  The fudge is awesome!

Thank you so much Amanda!


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  1. Adorable little snowman ornament! Great package!


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