Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Excited to Come Home...

and find in my mail box the package I had been waiting for with anticipation. It turned out my partner was Shawnee herself. She did a wonderful job of wrapping each gift for me. The word that she chose was "Christmas" and she gave an appropriate gift for each thing. My kids were dying to tear into this thing but I made them wait so i could get some pictures taken first.
 The cuteness of all the goodies before unwrapping.

 After it was all said and done. 
C: Chocolate Snowman and Gloves
H: Handmade Apron
R: Red Polka Dotted Reindeer Ornaments
I: Interesting Christmas Novel
S: Simplicity Apron Pattern
T: Towels for the kitchen
M: Memo/mousepad
A: Alligator Hot Pad
S: Stocking Pattern

My 6-year old son was accommodating enough to take a picture of me in my new apron. Not bad for a kid who can't stand in one place for more them 3 seconds. Look at me all color coordinated! I feel like cookies and this apron shall soon meet in the near future. Hmmmm.....

Thank you so much for all my goodies Shawnee. I really appreciate the time to put the gift together. Something tells me this may have been an angel gift and if it is I am all the more appreciative of the extra time. Especially before the holidays! Now I hope she can get out there and enjoy her family! This was such a great swap. I can't wait to hear if my gift was equally well received.


  1. Isn't Shawnee amazing? Wonderful package!

  2. Great package!

    I am sorry I didn't participate in this swap, but I am extremely busy! Maybe next time!!

  3. That looks so cute on you! Hope you don't mind the silly "beefcake gentlemen" on your apron. =)


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