Monday, August 17, 2009

hello out there...

Hey Shawnee,

as a new kid on the block I followed all the rules, but I just haven't heard anything from you yet. I sent the tracking number and even checked and it was I hope all is well? I can't wait to hear how my swap partner likes her apron, here is a peek!




  1. wow, what a cutey apron! Just an FYI, Rena, sometimes it takes a day or two for the response to get to you from your partner. Stuff happens, and people can't get to the computer. I know it's hard not to be antsy waiting, but hold tight, you'll hear soon!

  2. oh, thank you, I wasn't actually talking about my partner. I had to send the apron and goodies to Shawnee before July 19th, and I have never heard if she received it. She will be sending it to my swap partner. I guess some people never did the swap even tho they signed up so Shawnee did things abit differently this time. I just want to be sure Shawnee got the package and It has been a month and I haven't heard. I am sure it will work out fine. Thanks again.

  3. ooooOOOOOOooo....

    This one's a honey!

  4. Good work first time swapper! Hope your my partner next time! (Or this time!!!)

  5. OOOOHHHHH, I'm the lucky one! I just absolutely love this, Rena!
    All you envious ladies out there, you don't even see the incredible homemade crocheted hotpad holder, oven mitt, and beautiful tea towel that were included. Eat your hearts out--I sure will be enjoying everything. I got such a hoot out of your card and the recipe for the Vitameatavegamin with the trivia. You really took my love of purple to heart--and there is no such thing as too much to me.
    Your work is all excellent and the pattern is one of my favorites. Actually, I have one on my sewing machine for a gift right now but I don't own one from that pattern for me. Thank you. You are indeed an outstanding swapper!
    Vicki M


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