Friday, August 28, 2009

I got my apron from Becky S.

Thank You so much for my lovely apron..I will take some pics and post them in the next day or two so all can see what Becky S. did just for me...Like I told Becky, It's been man many years since anyone made something by hand just for me...Too long, way too long!!!.....When you sew everyone just gets the idea you can do it yourself so they won't...At least the clan around me, so it's nice to have like-minded chicky hen e-mail girlfriends who love to share the love KWIM. Thank You Shawnee! YOU ROCK!!!!......................Also I thought since I had pics uploaded of the apron I made for Fudgie I would go ahead and throw it up here. It's been burning a hole in my Picassa file too long now. Fudgie if you want to know the story of your apron(or anyone else for that matter please go to my blog...You will get a laugh out of what a dork and featherhead I can be...

I still want to see pics of Fudgie in this apron. Again go see the story on it you will laugh....Kim Cherrine-Bell


  1. how cute and fun is this one. Oh I can't wait to get mine.

  2. Whoa -- this is fabulous, and really hits the nail on the head as far as the theme goes. I wish I'd thought of it!


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