Friday, August 21, 2009

Packages Posted, Winners and Apology

Swappers -- An apology is in order from your swap hostess. My life has pretty much fallen apart this summer and I have been SO behind in everything, even this sweet swap. I have TRULY felt like I am the person working in the chocolate factory instead of Lucy and Ethel.

I am happy to report that ALL packages from first-time swappers have been mailed off as of today. I set a very early mailing deadline for these swappers, several had to send late and then I moved/family got VERY sick/work is insane/our puppy was killed//blah/blah/blah .... I had kept the packages together waiting for the last of the "early" packages, which I finally picked up last week, but it was much later than anticipated and I am so sorry about that.

First time swappers -- Kimberly C, JoJo, Jeanie P, Becky S, Madelyn, and Rena -- you ALL followed the rules and are marked as GREAT swappers. I'm sorry that I haven't been as communicative as I normally am with swappers.

Becca O, Jennifer W (OH), Kimberly C, Betty S, Amy R, Vicki M -- you have special packages in Priority mail to you from a first-timer ... you should receive them Monday or Tuesday, and I know you'll be pleased.

ALL SWAPPERS, feel free to post any pictures you have taken! This is a secret swap and no one will know if it's "her" apron unless you've told her you're her partner.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
gift box .... DAYNA W!!!

Queen Bead earrings .... MADELYN M!!!


PS -- I still have a child in the hospital, but I plan to update the sidebar by the end of the weekend of who has mailed/who has received and send out requests for updates from those I haven't heard from yet. So, if you've not mailed yet, you have a day or two reprieve!!


  1. Oh my, I hope things settle down for you and your family Shawnee.

    Thanks for everything, obviously, it hasn't been easy.

    Here's a hug for you.

  2. Hey Shawnee...take care of yourself and your family. Sorry you have been hit with the misfortune bug! It will all fall into place soon with some help from above.

  3. Shawnee I will always join your swap. you have been most forgiving when life has gotten in my way how could I not do the same.((((hug)))

    BTW my partner received her apron so its not missing!

  4. Shawnee, so sorry to hear you have all been so sick. My prayers go up for a quick recovery.


  5. Thank you for explaining that I could post pictures of the apron I made....I was thinking somehow It was against the rules..Good to know...Can I claim stupidity since I am new? Sorry if I came off like a dragon, That certainly was not my intent....I actually was asking cause my stressed out hubby was giving me the what for, for having put "all that time when you really did not have the time(sick mother-in-law at the time)in to that swap. See,you are not going to get anything back." He is a really cynic about people on the internet since he has been taken before....Trying to tell him most "girls" aren't that way especially one who wear cute aprons!!! wink...Actually just trying to tame over protect bear beast at home, KWIM....Much love for ALL YOU DO...And prays sent from smoothing of life to an even calm for all in your household...Kim C

  6. I see I won a prize. Me who never wins anything. Thanks again.

  7. Dayna, I know you got your stuff- you sent a great email, I was talking about someone from a swap from before I started swapping.

    I wasn't criticizing all you newbies, I was offering what I knew that could explain Shawnee's tardiness. I was a newbie two swaps ago, and got somewhat burned, so I can understand your frustration. As Bill Nye, the Science Guy says, "Now you know" and you'll be getting a pretty cool package soon. And Kim C--I have one of those protective bears at home too-and it's nice they feel that way, but hard to believe our fellow craftswomen would let us down.....and it hurts when they're right.

  8. Shawnee -- I knew about some of your problems from Facebook, but you sure left a lot out. Glad to hear you're feeling better. The only thing harder than moving to a new home must be being sick while doing it.

    Feel better, and don't worry about your 'tardiness.' Lucy and you run the best swaps on the internet, so 'our gang' knows all will be well. Just take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place.


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