Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are suppose to post pictures

We are suppose to post pictures here when we get our swap delivered to us right? Just double checking. I am so nervous and excited about my swap getting to the person It is for. And I want to post pics to my blog but cannot until the mystery woman gets her package. Kim Cherrine-Bell


  1. You are welcome to post pictures, fo course! We would all love to see each other's packages and I hope your partner posts pics of her package!

  2. You tottaly can post pics here even with out your partner getting it..
    Rember she has no clue it is comming to her..

    Thats half the fun seeing what everyone is makeing and hopeing it is coming to you..LOL

  3. I sure everyone posts a picture or two! Can't wait to match the aprons to their recipients!


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