Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm sharing, I hope Dayna doesn't mind

I'm sending a picture of the package I put together for Dayna--by the way--you lucky swapper, you got the chocolate! It's a little difficult to see, but the package included a glass hand juicer, 4 glasses, pearls, a table "dust collector" and the 50s staple, Jell-O. This is one of my favorite half apron styles, it's a double layer that has "sway" to it when you're wearing it. I thought it might be fun to have the opposite of Lucy's classic navy with white polka dots. I hope Dayna's husband enjoyed it once he saw it as much as she seemed to.

She sent a lovely email when she received it, the same day. When I said I hadn't heard anything from an angeled swapper, it was not Dayna, and I hope everyone understands that. My comments the other day were an explanation, not a put-down of newbies. I think sometimes something "gets lost in the translation", as my mother used to say, when we read what people write rather than hear them say it.

I hope all the others will put up pictures of what they've done, I love seeing the creativity.


  1. Jello! Fabulous!!! What a great idea -- wish it had been mine.

    I love that apron, and I love the double layer concept. I've made those before, and it took me a while to figure out what it was for. It gives such a fluttery look -- very feminine (like Lucy!).

    San-Dee, you came up with another great one!

  2. What a great package! You really came up with some good stuff.

  3. such a cute apron and I LOVE the pearls!


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