Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jenny I'm home..

My hubby always says that when he comes home in his best Ricky Ricardo voice.
I haven't heard those words in a long time..
He has been deployed in a war zone but will be safely in my arms in less than 69 hours.
I am not counting or any thing. LOL
Now about the apron!!
I really wanted to make my partner happy so I ordered I love Lucy she hinted at.
Yet when my ordered came  I got some sinister looking skulls instead.
I emailed the company and they said they could get it to me i a week.
Which would be fine for the august 15th deadline.
But I was rushing to get it done befor my Husband gets here so I would have no distractions.
So I came up with this cute apron instead..
My inspiration came from Lucy's famous blue and white polka dot dress.
I really hope my partner loves it!!
Mr. Postman will pick it up in the AM. and it will be on it's way..


  1. GREAT choice on fabric! I used the same for my partner's apron! Good choice on husband vs, apron. He should win, every time!! SO cute! Awesome shoes too!

  2. it is a perfect little apron....but Jenn...do the shoes come with it? They are kickin'!!!
    Counting down with you!

  3. So cute.. and yeah for the hubby coming home.

  4. We'll all heave a sigh of relief with you when Hubby gets home! Thank him for us too.

    The apron is darlin!


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