Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cute Tute Found!

Hey Ladies, I remember a few swaps ago, lots of ladies wanted to make some pot holders, had a hard time, etc. etc. (I have never made a pot holder).  ANYHOW, I just found an adorable tutorial (maybe some of you have happened upon this, too).  I will have to find a way to make this work with my partner's initials for a tuck-in, it's adorable.  It's a towel, pot holder thing (similar to Rachael Ray "Moppines"). I think I might actually be able to make this!
The Help H@nd

My updates:  no fabric yet (going shopping tomorrow.  It's tough with 3 boys and a husband with night school, but Thursdays often work).  I know I am going with the same apron pattern as this awesome lady here only it is based on my own version.  My partner requested (non-springy) specific colors, so I hope I can nail her style.


  1. I admit it, I am potholder challenged. LOL

    Full coverage is awesome, It's too bad smock style aprons don't look fab on us girls with hugemungo bazoombas.

  2. I have to agree with you Gena. I wore one similar to that once. I liked it but my hubby lovingly referred to it as a "tent". Men...what can you say?

  3. I like that it is "full" coverage but being a short and stumpy person - I'm not sure how good it would look on me. I love the straps not going around the neck and the big pockets on it.

  4. Thank for your potholder link. I may need to make this for my swap!

  5. Thanks for the feedback ladies...I might have to switch my pattern now (not that it is any of you....but, it is good to know people's opinions of that style)


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