Saturday, April 30, 2011

I got mail too!!!

Madelyn.....don't EVEN tell me you aren't creative...cuz it's a lie!!! You gave me just what I asked for: useful and not too frilly. There isn't anything in the package that isn't gonna get used missy!!!
I don't need a thousand words, cuz I've got pics!! Slightly sunburned, messy hair and all!!
I will be wearing my apron for the rest of the evening. Maybe even pick my kid up in it. Her new bf thinks it's hilarious that I wear my aprons out of the house and was a tad disappointed to see me without it earlier. :-)
A girl has to have a statement piece and mine is an apron!!!!!

side A

Side B

I believe I shall rock side B tonight and side A on the morrow!!
Look at puckers in the boobalicious area!!

Thanks Ms. Madelyn!!!


  1. Regena, you are too funny! I love the apron. Both sides look perfect for you! Madelyn did a fabulous job!

  2. Regena my dear, you are most welcome. You look marvelous in your apron. Enjoy!!

  3. Regena...congrats my friend! You do look Mau-valous! And Madelyn you are amazing!!!

  4. Love it! Love that it's reversible.

  5. You are too stinkin' cute and you look adorable!

  6. look at you sporting the rick rack! lol great apron and package!

  7. I am rockin side A today. Just ask Denise, i showed up to karate to get my boy in my apron!!! :-)


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