Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank you!

Getting apron swap mail is always fun! It's even more fun when it comes wrapped in lovely paper tied with rope!
When it's filled with confections and surprises for the little lady of the house it's even more fun! I love her expression here as she opened a box with a sweet treat shaped like a diamond ring. Notice she's already wearing the apron Deidrea made for her.

We're on spring break so we headed outside for some pictures of our new spring flirty aprons.

Spring is finally in the air here. The new aprons and the spring weather lead to dancing and horsing around in our front yard and this upside down moment. The neighbors probably wondered what we were up to!

Not only did Deidrea send two aprons, but she included a beautiful stenciled dish towel, a sweet ice cream cone timer and a ceramic J. Thank you Deidrea! Nature Girl and I loved the package! The aprons are unique and beautiful!! Thank you!!!!


  1. Two lovely aprons for two lovely ladies!!!

  2. You both look beautiful in your matching aprons!

  3. How wonderful your partner was to you and the little princess!

  4. oh Jill that is so fun! Nature Girl looks too cute! You're going to have a fun spring break in those aprons!


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