Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beautiful Apron Received

How did my swap partner know that vintage "hankies" were one of my favorite? This is a beautiful apron. I love the pleats! It is so girly. Hopefully you can see the vintage hankie, with a jewel, as the front pocket.

The goodies were also much appreciated. The dish towel with the farm animals is so awesome!
My children absolutely loved the "smell" of the package too. My swap partner, Grace, included a sachet of lavendar in the box!

Thank you so much Grace! I truly enjoyed this swap experience!


  1. Cara,
    so glad you like the apron. & oh my, you have a top that matches the color in the apron.
    I hope you have fun with the yoyos. I just enjoy stitching them and adding them to nearly everything from aprons to jackets to flip-flops...


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