Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just in the nick of time...

I've had a few setbacks in this swap including a last-minute trip out of town, sick kids, sick me, and a fickle sewing machine. Which is why I finished my apron just in time to mail it out the day it is due. I hope that my partner, who lives in another country, will be patient with's on its way!

I chose fabric that I inherited from my Gramma's stash (I thought it was a table cloth when I chose it), and I used a super simple pattern that reminded me of an apron that might have been worn by a frontier woman. In fact, I will be including a copy of my favorite book that tells the story of a frontier woman who was tough enough to survive the challenges of the Arizona territory. She even carried a gun in her apron pocket. I don't know if the pocket I put on my apron will be used for a gun, but hopefully my partner will enjoy both the book and the apron.

So, here's a peak of the finished product that will be sent out tomorrow.


  1. Very Pretty!
    Great idea sending the book to go with it!

  2. what a lovely apron! I love the idea of the book you are neat!

  3. It's simple and the idea of a book with it!

  4. I carry lots of things in my apron pockets, but never a gun. Well, maybe a glue gun! Cute apron!

  5. I really like the use of the print as a pocket in the same direction as the apron bottom. I think your partner will really like it.


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