Monday, April 27, 2009


Christy was my partner for this latest swap! I don't know how I managed to get so lucky!
She was my partner in the last Hot Mama apron swap.....she is a wonderful partner to have!

I about freaked when I saw this........I don't think I could have cut such a pretty vintage tablecloth!

She nailed my colors with this apron! And the roosters! I use Fiesta Ware every day so the colors really were perfect...and although I am not a crazy rooster/chicken woman, I do have several in my kitchen. (we eat a LOT of chicken...hah!)
I was dancin around the kitchen like a crazy woman. But....evey my husband loved this one so that was a *bonus*!!!!!

Plus, the extras...the matching potholders simply ROCK! I had just written down 'wooden spoons' on my grocery list and now don't have to buy any!

Thank you Christy!


  1. Very cute! I'll bet it looks great with fiesta ware!

  2. You look truly tickled. I just want to pinch your cheek. Great pics.

  3. just so cute! I have all the colors of Fiestawear, too, and this is perfect!!! You are rockin' in that apron, girl!

  4. This Is rocking my socks off!!
    I love it!!

  5. I am in love! That is gorgeous. I love the print and the design.


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