Friday, April 17, 2009

My Apron is on it's Way!

My apron for my swap partner is completed and on it's way to the lovely State of Georgia.

Here is a sneak peak of it & some of the goodies I sent with it.

Oh Fiddles! I thought I had taken a photograph of it before I sent it off yesterday...

oops! my bad! hahaha, guess you'll just have to wait & be surprised!

I am such a stinker, aren't I !?! hee hee hee...


  1. YES YOU ARE! Since I am in Georgia, you are a double-stinker...teehee

  2. oooh, you're bad!! I hope your partner will take a picture and put it up-I need more ideas to "steal"!

  3. It was ME in Georgia!! Yeah! Thanks Katmom! When I read that this post went to GA, I was so looking forward to it being me!
    I had to come back and brag!

    The apron is absolutely awesome! All the goodies were great too!

    I posted the pictures earlier!

    Thanks again!


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