Monday, April 20, 2009

Feedsack remix

So I was able to finish the apron at 3:00 am Sunday morning (I don't sleep much) after some issues with my rolled hem foot. I really had to fudge some with this pattern because the feedsack material was only 33-inches wide instead of 45-inches. Even though I had a full yard of the fabric, because of the pattern printed on it, I couldn't play around too much with the pattern layout to make everything fit just right. Good news is, I'm more confident on any alterations to patterns that I would need to do.

vintage linens remix1
You'll have to pardon the wonky way the apron drapes-- my daughter was no where to be found when I needed a model for pictures-- and the back of the dining room chair doesn't do it justice.

I do have to say that I love this pattern, and I didn't think I would. I've got some leftover fabric from a holiday apron swap that must be used with this pattern. My favorite part of the whole thing is the pocket because it starts out as a straight piece of fabric-- which is saying something since I like plain jane pockets for the most part.

vintage linens remix2
The knot of the bow has been handstitched so it won't come untied.

And what apron is complete without a little ric-rac?

vintage linens remix3
It wasn't easy finding a coordinating fabric in the right color for this vintage feedsack material.

I just hope she likes it.


  1. I just love this! It would go so nicely in my kitchen...teehee

  2. I have one word for this apron...beautiful!

  3. It's adorable! I can't wait to see it on it's new owner!

  4. Thank you guys for your kind words!

    At first I really doubted if I could pull it all together and have it look good. My husband told me that it looks like something an old lady would wear. Call me an old lady then because I had a hard time parting with it. I do have some scraps left over-- so Paula, you might be getting a little something in the mail!

  5. I love your foreground & background fabrics....perfect compliment to the style of the apron. What agreat apron.

  6. I'm looking forward to it, Amy ;)

  7. I love the pocket, what a pretty accent! and the colors look really nice together even though I am not a "green" person though my redhead is. You did a great job....and again, wonderful ideas to steal....

  8. We used the same pattern! I didn't include the pocket on the one I made though because I used some vintage linens to make a kangaroo-type pocket in the front. Lovely job!


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