Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finished Up and a Request

Hi Everyone,

I didn't get any pictures of my apron taken before I wrapped it all off and sent it to beautiful Nevada.

I made a two layered apron with a sheer fabric for the underneath layer. The colors are white, blue, green and yellow. I think it looks flirty and a little whimsical. I hope my partner loves it too. I also made a matching oven mitt and included my Nana's recipe for Miracle Whip cake.

Would anyone be interested in posting the recipes that their partner sends or your own favorite "vintage" recipe? I love to cook and would be delighted to try out some tried and true favorites.

I am at work right now, but I'll post my recipe this evening when I get home.

What do you all think, wanna join in?


  1. Hi Kebi! I'll join in! I'll post it today....even if noone else joins in, you'll have at least 1 new one! Thanks, Val

  2. Hey, I will...will post tonight


Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!