Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bley's little apron....

Now that Bley got her package I can share what I sent!

Shawnee knows I had a hard time finding vintage kitchen linens for this swap. I was tempted not to join....but NO! I wouldn't be defeated!
So I bought a lovely 'cutter' off eBay and set to work.
I made the cutter into a pocket and made the apron out of a vintage table runner that I folded in half and sewed on the diagonal. I put the vintage blanket binding between the fold to serve as a waistband.

the little vintage button holds the little tea towel I included.

Here is a close up of the pocket:

and the rest....

I included the leftover ribbon, 2 vintage fingertip towels and a kitchen towel. I also sent a little puppy for Bley's son, one truly vintage recipe, a new apron pattern and a set of cute vintage look bowls.


  1. Absolutely lovely apron! What a creative way to use your bits...

  2. And I love it so much! Thank you Val!

  3. It's lovely! good use of your scraps!

  4. Oh, what a creative way to make your fabric work! Bley is very lucky indeed!

  5. This is so pretty .. love the potholder held by a button.. i may have to "snich" this idea tooo !


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