Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Signed, sealed and to be delivered shortly

Thank you so much Shawnee for the opportunity to participate in the Vintage linen remix swap. I had a blast and I hope my partner will be pleased with the apron I created for her from hand embroidered and tatted placemats and dresser/table scarves.

I had a very difficult time locating vintage linens in my area and was getting worried, until one day, quite by chance, located a consignment shop for household goods and that is where I discovered a beautiful set of table and dining room linens that are hand embroidered and tatted.

I used the various panels to create a half apron for my partner, adding rows of pintucks and some buttons at the waistband for more of a hostess apron feel.

Again, thank you Shawnee. This was a wonderful idea and challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed creating this vintage hostess apron from vintage linens for my partner.



  1. Jennifer, this is absolutely lovely and I can't wait to steal your idea for some other vintage things I have in my stash!

  2. I love the pin tucking, such a classic idea!

  3. My thoughts are it is very lady like and very elegegant indeed
    I am sur e she will love it

  4. 'elegant' is the perfect word for this apron! I know your partner will be so happy to get this one!

  5. I am definitely stealing this pattern design. Nice.


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