Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am feeling so good about myself right now- I finished my apron! I wrote my "handwritten note" typed up my recipe, attached my "linen" and am ready to pack it all up and head out to the post office! I am more than a little bit nervous about my partner liking what I made- it is REALLY simple. But, hey- it was a fabulous experience! I used an old tablecloth we inherited from a great-aunt, and I think it turned out well. I most likely won't participate again, but this was a good time. Thanks for the opp Shawnee!


  1. Mandi I went to your blog and saw the apron and I LOVE it. Yes, there are many talented women in this swap, tell you what, I've been stealing all their ideas - LOL. Go to my blog and read what Shawnee expressed about what the swap is all about. . . networking. I am so sorry about your pain. I have had surgery on my joints that put me down for 6 months but damn if I won't wear my heals! Smile girl friend.

    Kathy in Florida

  2. I love your apron! I am a very simple gal myself! I feel your pain...although I am not in pain, my two little ones have been sick and have been literally stuck on my side the past two weeks. So I got to try and sew an apron with a 40 pound and a 20 pound sack of dead weight on either side of me!!! I think you did a great job on your apron...I would be happy if I got it!!!

  3. Mandi, I would love to get your apron, I think you did a great job on it. Remember, we all have different strengths but we all an immense amount of creativity to take a tablecloth and repurpose it! As my husband tells me frequently: Stop beating yourself up!! You did good!


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