Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Partner Assignment Going Out Tonight

Heads up, ladies!! I'm sending out partner assignments in the order of registrations. So, first gal registered has already received her assignment - the first one would be Kerry, who registered before I even posted the details!!

You have 48 hours to reply to your assignment or the message will self-destruct!

Once I'm finished LATE tonight, my next post will be to announce the winner of the Silver Lining Designs giveaway and to announce our next prize offering. Stay tuned because you won't want to miss this one!


  1. I am sew excited with everything about this swap! Last night I was making the surprise tweeting ( my favorite new word) for the Historical Museum where I am Curator at.. I had a few hard working volunteers over and we are so close to finishing this project, I can see all those excited eyes pop out of their heads, in my mind, when everyone walks through the doors of the museum on the 22nd of Nov. This is where my motivation comes from.

    My swap partner is going to love the apron I have created for her! I was up very late into the evening last night, designing all the specifics it will take to put the apron together! I bought all of the necessary materials I will need a week ago. Went crazy in JoAnn's buying all the fabric choices I thought would work!

    Just having a FAB time!!!!!LOL!!!!!

  2. I am doubly excited as to who I have for the swap...after reading her blog this will be even more meaningful.
    Fabric is cut out, some of the 'tuck-in's are bought...just got to get to stitchin'..

    oh, & I have my fingers & eyes crossed that i might be the lucky winner...
    : > )


Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!