Monday, November 15, 2010


Christmas in Australia
Hi Everyone!

I am so excited about this swap!  I’ve been busy thinking of tuck-in ideas and getting lots of inspiration from all of the posts.  As I am swapping from all the way down here in Sydney, Australia I am finding it a little difficult to relate to the “Frosty” part of the theme – but I am trying my best to imagine what a Wintery Christmas must be like.    

As you know we celebrate Christmas here under a sweltering Summer sun and where I live, even in Winter there is not even a whiff of snow.  I’ve only ever seen snow once, when I was about 5 – I had great fun sliding around on a toboggan all day long!

Anyway….we still have a very traditional Christmas time and enjoy all the tasty goodies that come with the season!  We do, however, have a twist on the traditional Christmas Pudding which is a frozen version…..yum….I’ve included some links to recipes that I want everyone to try!

White Chocolate Frozen Christmas Pudding
Frozen Christmas Pudding

I will post some pics of my apron on my blog in a little while - I don't want to spoil the surprise for my partner!  

Happy sewing everyone and Merry Christmas! XXX


  1. AAhhh...You made me really homesick .... we moved to the US from South Africa 6 years ago, so like you our Christmas was spent around the swimming pool .......... to me, that is still what a a REAL Christmas is all about:-)

  2. Hello to you from across the ocean. Love the white chocolate one. Thanks for sharing.


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