Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hey, I'm completely new to swapping. I have a friend who said I should do it because I made one cute apron.
So here goes!
I love Christmas. And because I love Christmas, I think other people love it just as much as I do even when they don't.
I'm super excited to do this swap.
I have my fabric and I've seen that some of you have the same fabric as I, so I'm trying to figure out how to change things a bit. Sorry, I haven't taken any pictures, I just wanted to write this post. :D

I have no idea what to do for tuck ins; any ideas are welcomed.
I keep looking at all the posts everyone has written just wondering, "which one is mine?!"


  1. i feel like maybe i already posted this on your actual blog, but really cute kid!

    I'm a newbie too. The only difference is I was so proud of a simple apron I had made I convinced myself it would be a good idea! Cross your fingers! hehe

  2. You will enjoy swapping and tuckins can be anything like coffees, teas, tea towels, kitchen goodies. Have fun with it!

  3. You will never find out which apron is your's if it has been posted as a peek! These are just tease tactics used to keep the excitement out there!! Is it working? I was new to the swapping world just this year, and have loved every minute of it!! As far as tuck ins go, all's fair in love and war, just like tuck ins that you decide will work for your swapping partner! Hopefully she will have given you enough info on what she likes!!

  4. Monica I too try to tell who my partner is. That is like shaking your wraped present to guess what it is - guilty, also guilty of pealing back a corner of the gift wrap.

    This year I requested something really crazy just so I could guess my partner better - lol!!!!! I mean really crazy.

    I put a clue for my partner on my sneak peek.

    LMAO right now.

  5. Kat.....Naughty naughty you!!!......just wish I had thought of it first!!!


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