Sunday, November 14, 2010

My First Swap

I am so excited to participate in this swap.  I have my material and am ready to get sewing, but haven't taken any pictures yet.  This will be the first apron I've ever made and I hope my partner likes it as well as the tuck-ins.  I love the idea to choose a word from this season to add in tuck ins.  I decided on the word angel.

I'm thinking A-Angel, Apple
                    N-Notecards, Necklace
                    E-Earrings, Estrellas (stars, stole from someone else's idea)
                    L-Lollipops, Lillies, Lights

I can't wait to get my package and to send out my package!

Amy F


  1. stole from the other Amy F! hehe Great Tuck Ins!

  2. Yes, I like that idea Barb. I say yes to the aron for the A - lol.

    Amy I look forward to seeing your package!

  3. As everyone posts their own ideas for the tuck ins I am starting to think I should change the tuck ins I am using! I realize there will be lots of duplicates, but I want my tuck in gifts to be special and something know one will think of! Is that possible? Hum, I wonder!

    I love all the posts and it sounds like there are lots of newbies this time around with great ideas and full of excitement!

  4. Did you like my play on words there in my last comment! I really did it on purpose! Know for no! LOL!


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