Sunday, November 7, 2010

Snowy Swap

I will not be a part of this swap and very disappointed it looks like great fun.  I am redoing my sewing room have the first coat of paint and my husband is builiding a sewing table and cutting table very excited about being more organized for sewing.  Have great fun on the swap and see you next swap!!!!


  1. I hope you will show off your new craft room? Would love to peek inside! lol

  2. I am a little jealous of your organized sewing room! I use the dining room table for cutting out and the ironing board is up for the duration as I complete a project... Hope it is everything you hoped for. Really I am just glad to have a room to keep my machine up for use. Years of children's rooms instead of sewing rooms.

  3. Sorry you won't be in this swap, but excited for you and your new sewing room. I have a sewing room and I find that when I sew in there, people forget I am in the house. I also get wrapped up in what I am making and forget to come out for air.


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