Saturday, November 6, 2010

"S-N-O-W" Tuck-In Ideas

So here are a few tuck-in ideas to get your mind churning. You get to choose any word of the season and send one item for each letter. Be creative and spend at least $15 on this part of your package.

So, if you chose the word SNOW:

S: Snowflake, Scarf, Scone mix, Silver bells, Stars, Songs (CD mix), Shawl

N: Nutcracker, Novel, Needlekeep, Nutella, anything New, Necklace, Notepads, Nabisco products, Napkins, Napkin rings

O: Oven mitt, Ornament, mug Organizer, Oreo truffles, OPI nail polish, Origami

W: anything White, Wreath, Wire earrings/bracelet, Wilton products

S-N-O-W Tuck-In Ideas


  1. Wish I had more time right now. This one looks like fun!

  2. I have three of my tuck ins completed!! Yippee!!! Only one more to go!!xx

  3. I made my own tuck in suggestion for JOY. How do I post it??

  4. My mom thought of something that I might steal if i use SNOW as my tuck in word: W - white chocolate. Mmmm


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