Saturday, November 20, 2010

Done & Sent...

Well the good news is, I finished my partners apron, and stuffed some fun goodies in it, so my partner has her choice of the words 'STAR' or 'SANTA'....
I can hardly wait to post a picture, but if I do my partner will most likely will figure out that the package is for I will have to wait till Tuesday when it arrives in her mailbox. Then that evening I can post a pic.
The really funny part is I am in 2 apron swaps and both of my swap partners live in Missouri...
Happy Thanksgiving & a Very Merry Christmas

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  1. Girl, you are on the ball!! I'm still sewing....and working on my tuck-in's. Everytime I see "Katmom" I think of the very first swap I participated in. :D


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