Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keeping It Cozy

This swap theme is so much fun!  I love the process of picking a word and making the tuck-in's to go along with the letters.  I've chosen the word SNOW and my first tuck-in is done.  Yeah!!

These super cute Coffee Cup Cozy's came from the latest issue of Quilt's & More magazine.  I made one for a friends birthday and loved how cute it turned out, plus they were super fast to make, so yesterday I whipped out a few more including the snowflake cozy for my swap partner. 

Here are my tuck-in idea's, but I'm fickle and things could change before I'm done!

S=Snowflake Coffee Cup Cozy
N=Notecards - Winter themed, of course
O= Ornament
W=Warm Wooly Scarf

Happy creating, everyone!


  1. Good choices there. And love the cozies!!

  2. Paula! Love the fabric choices! I made one of those for my partner in the last swap. Aren't they fun to make? I love them!

  3. Love the cozy!! I may have to try to find the pattern. I don't get that magazine but I'll see if I can find back issues.

  4. How very sweet! Your partner is gonna love all the time you took to make her something special!

  5. Chrissy - you can find the free pattern download here

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