Thursday, November 11, 2010

LOVE & a sneak peak

UPDATED: I have trouble following Jen Sue's amazingly brave and heartfelt post as well as Jen O's equally touching comment. I have never experienced loss like that. I can't say I relate or "I know how you feel." But I have experienced sadness in my life. I have had my heart broken not by boys but by so called friends. It has made me weary of people. But with the help of true friends and family I'm working on it and starting to come back out of my shell. 

You never know what your heart can take until you've pushed it to it's limits. Losing a child must be like pushing the heart to its breaking point. And the only thing keeping a heart from cracking in two is Love.

So that's why I chose to the word LOVE for this Tuck In Idea. This apron swap is all about Love. You spend time and money on a project for some person you've probably never met. You go searching through their blogs, reading their comments, and find out all you can about a person so you can make them an apron that truly makes them happy. This is my first time doing this and I'm already having so much fun getting to know not only my swap sister but the rest of you.

So here it is - LOVE

L - Lollypops, Light-up ornaments, Lily, anything Little, Lights
O - Off white, Opener, Origami, Oven mitt (with tutorial!)
V - Votive, Vanilla scones, homemade Vanilla extract, Vintage ornament
E - Evergreen, Eclairs, Estrellas (stars ;0), Earrings, Envelope Pillow cover! (with tutorial)

(P.s. these are harder to come up with than you think, hence a few repeats on O)


And now for my sneak peak...

Look familiar? Hehe Joann's has some really adorable fabric right now. In the background there's a fabric you can't totally see, that's the secret fabric. The fabric that says "Hey, I listened/read and bought you something you'll really like!" Don't strain yourself though. It's still a surprise!

Swap sister


  1. You have chosen some very interesting tuck ins!! I am not sold on my choices for tuck ins yet! I have finished the apron for my swap partner, and I posted it on Facebook if you want to sneak peek! I actually am spending more time trying to figure out how to post sneak peeks for everyone to see than I am looking for tuck in projects at the moment!! LOL!!

  2. I love that fabric and awesome tuck-in ideas!

  3. Buckeyebaby... your name link doesn't go to your fb page... want to see! And thanks. Those tuck in things are actually really hard, some of them did come out pretty interesting. But i figure they may spark other ideas.

  4. great idea for tuckins! I love the fabric choice.. Wink wink

  5. whom ever receives it is in for a treat!

    Super tuck in ideas and thanks for posting. I am on my way to check out your blog and follow!

  6. Very festive fabrics, and great tuck-in ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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